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Current events have brought about the need to safely clean and sanitize our cars like we rarely have before.
Use this unique time as an opportunity to learn how to deep clean your car and create a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.
Here are some helpful tips to get you started.  Tips to Sanitize Your Car Clean and Replace Your Air Filters Most cars have two air filters which remove airborne contaminants that could enter your car through the air vents.
Over time, dust, pollen, and other particles will clog the filters making it difficult to circulate clear, clean air in the cabin.
Check your owners manual to learn where your filters are located and take a look to see if they appear dirty.
While these filters will not filter out airborne germs or viruses, they will drastically improve the quality of the air you and your passengers inhale.  Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces While bleach may be the first thing you think of for disinfecting, using bleach or any bleach product (including Clorox wipes) can cause significant damage to multiple surfaces.
Paper towels can be highly abrasive and should also be avoided.    The go-to disinfectant by car manufacturers and assembly plants is isopropyl alcohol.
Use at least a 70% concentration and gently wipe with a clean terry cloth towel.
This will kill any germ or matter you may be concerned with.  Vacuum the Interior Vacuuming out your car is a great way to remove allergens or dust particles that could become irritants.
Wear a dust mask or a cloth mask to avoid inhaling the dried dirt, pollen particles, or other contaminants.
Shake out the floor mats and lay them out in the sun as you clean.  Schedule a Car Wash Keeping the Interior of your car clean is important, but germs can also cling to the exterior of your car for several days.
Schedule a routine car wash and pay particular attention to commonly touched areas such as door handles, the fuel door, and the trunk lever or rear hatch.
You don’t need to invest in any special solution since most soaps approved for washing a vehicle should do the trick.  Consider a Deep Clean in Coral Gables, FL For added peace of mind and reassurance, .

Consider getting your car professionally detailed at INFINITI of Coral Gables

Our specialists at INFINITI service center will utilize premium cleaning products along with years of experience to give you the deepest clean possible.
Be sure to take advantage of any service specials we have available.
Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.  The post Car Sanitation Tips: How to Safely Deep Clean Your Car appeared first on INFINITI of Coral Gables.


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