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Photo edited one-handed on phone with the Quickshot app

Hello, dear friends.
I write to you, ruefully shaking my head at the universe and my bandaged finger.
Last night I closed a door on my hand.
Although nothing is broken and I will probably just lose a fingernail, typing is uncomfortable.
Next week I’ll return with full-on beautiful goods, impetus for social change in the direction of compassion, and blather about the meaning of life.
But today, before I go, I want to say thank you.
This blog has helped me enormously with one of the tasks of my somatic being; listening.
Listening and remembering that everyone wants and needs to be seen and heard.
And if you can manage to see and hear people with courtesy, everyone feels better.
You’ve made me feel better.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Photo edited one-handed on phone with the Quickshot app.
All credit for sparkles goes to technology.
All credit for dirt under fingernails to a transplanted fern.
Thanks buddy.
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