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Facebook has not only used for entertainment

Facebook is the first social media application that has been trending among users among the past few years.
With over 2.23 billion users every month, this application is considered to be the most used social media application among people.
The internet has made the life of individuals straightforward & entertaining, and so did Facebook.
We all know when this social media application has released, then people only make the use of this app for online socializing, chatting, and connect with friends and families.
But now, Facebook has not only used for entertainment, but this application is also used for business purposes.
Around 65million people are using the Facebook application to create their business pages and promote their business online.
We all know that it is very easy to start with Facebook and promote your brand among people.
Like any other social media application, .

Facebook has also provided the option to create and add stories that remain for 24 hours
With the series of best features available on Facebook

it has also let people know who has viewed their profile, story, videos, or pages.
Other social sites like Linked In also provide the facility to its users to get a detailed view of who has viewed their profiles.
Instagram lets users view the list of people who viewed their stories.
In starting.

Facebook does not allow initially to get insights of who has viewed your profile

but now it has enabled this feature for its users.
So, there are many ways from which you can check who has viewed your profile, saw your posted story as well as gone through your videos.
But, before getting into the ways to see who has viewed your story, you first need to read a small guide about your story settings.
Create and Share your Facebook story with ease    We all know that Facebook has come with various filters.
These filters would let people get creative with their stories and add them to their profiles.
These stories are available for 24 hours, and you can also revisit your story in the story archive.
To create a story, you need to click on + add to the story symbol, which will be located at the top of your Newsfeed.
You can click Photo or video to add them to your story.

There are various tools available by Facebook to make your story more creative

For instance, you can add music or any song lyrics in your story.
If you want to add any GIF or stickers in your story, then you can easily do that by clicking the sticker option from the menu.

If your Facebook story is all about gathering views of people

then you can easily do that just by adding a poll by clicking poll option.
In addition, you can also add text and location in your Facebook story.  Once you create or add the story, you can choose who you want to see the story.
You can easily change the privacy setting of your story and choose from Public, Friends, and connections or any custom audience.
In addition, you can also hide the story from several people by creating a restricted list of audiences.
To do this, you can set your story privacy to friends or friend’s connections and hide stories from any one of them.
And if you want to see your previous story, then you can visit the Archive section.
In order to do this, click on your profile and select an archive option in the top left of your profile.
Below are the ways mentioned, through which you can see who has viewed your profile, videos, and posts.

Ways to see who views your Facebook profile    With the number of tools and extensions

you can quickly view your Facebook insights.
Here are the number of ways we have mentioned in this article, .

That will surely help you to view your Facebook profile insights

So, let’s get started with these ways:    1.
Source Code of your Facebook profile        If you want to check the information about your Facebook profile like who has viewed your profile or seen your story, then you can easily do that with the help of source code available for your Facebook account.
In this source code, you can make the use of the “IntialChatfriendlist” text.
In order to find this text, you need to follow these steps.
Open Google Chrome.Open Facebook and log in to your Facebook profile.Once you logged in to your Facebook account, you need to click on your profile name.When you click on it, you will be redirected to your timeline page.After that, you need to press Ctrl+U by staying on your timeline.When you press the keys mentioned above.

You will be redirected to the Facebook source code of your profile.Press Ctrl+ F there

and paste the text “InitialChatFriendsList.” From there, you will see the exact number of users who have viewed your profile.
The ID’s of your profile visitors will be listed in double-quotes.
Make use of extension        There are several extensions that are available in the market.
With the number of extensions, you can quickly get insights into who has visited your profile or viewed your story.
Out of many extensions, we recommend you to make the use of Flatbook extension that is available for Google Chrome.
In order to add this extension, you need to open the chrome browser on your desktop.
Once you open it, go through the extension tab and click on the search bar.
You will find Flatbook extension.
Add any one of it in your chrome browser.
After adding this extension, you need to follow these steps:    Once the installation gets completed.

Then you need to login to your Facebook account.After logging in your Facebook account

you need to click on the Flatbook extension, which is placed on the top right corner of the tab.When you click this option, you will get various tools, and you can select on Profile visitors.From the use of this extension, you will easily get a list of 20 people who have viewed your profile.In addition to this, you can also keep a check on the people who have unfriended you or blocked your account from their Facebook profile.

This can be considered to be the best way to keep a check on Facebook profile insights


Through Facebook Itself    If you are the one who does not prefer to use external tools

then you can make the use of Facebook itself to check who has viewed your profile.
Recently, Facebook has launched a feature in which you will see who has viewed your profile in the last thirty days.
It will also allow you to see who has recently viewed your post.
Only a few people have noticed these people, as it has been deeply buried inside the Privacy settings.
It has available for iOS mobile for now.
To access the list of people who viewed your profile, you need to follow these steps:    Open Facebook in your Apple device.Click on the three bars present at the top of your profile.Click on the settings and select the privacy option.You will find a new feature named Privacy checkup.In this feature, you will be able to see who has viewed your profile.
It has not been cleared that Facebook has added this option, just for beta testing, or it will be permanently rolled out to users in the coming days.
Super viewer for Facebook    Another way to find out who has recently viewed your Facebook account is to make the use of Super viewer.
This is the extension that will let you see who has viewed your story, posts, or your profile.
This extension is available for Chrome.
Once you add this extension to your Chrome tab, then you must log in with your Facebook details.
After logging into your Facebook account, you will quickly get full information about your profile.
Conclusion    In this article, we have listed some of the best ways through which you can quickly get insights into Facebook.
These hacks will surely calm your nerves and let you get information about your stalkers.
You can also check who has viewed your stories.
The story you post on Facebook will remain for 24 hours, and when you swipe up the story, you will get a list of people who viewed your story.
If you are facing quarantine boredom, then you should definitely click beautiful pictures and add them to your Facebook story from your Facebook account.
We will definitely make sure that these ways mentioned in this article will let you know more about your visitors.
Also, we have mentioned the ways you can change the privacy settings of your stories, like whom you want to view your story.
We hope that you will find this article informative and get answers to all your questions.
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