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Quali is pleased to announce that we just released CloudShell version 8.1 in General availability.
This version provides several features that provide a better experience and performance for both the administrator , blueprint designers and end users many of them were contributed by our great community feedback and suggestions Let’s go over the main features delivered in CloudShell 8.1 and their benefits: Orchestration Simplification Orchestration is a first class citizen in CloudShell, so we’ve simplified and enhanced the orchestration capabilities for your blueprints.
We have created a standard approach for users to extend the setup and tear-down flows.
By separating the orchestration into built in stages and events, the CloudShell user now has better control and visibility to the orchestration process.  We’ve also separated the different functionality into packages to allow more simplified and better structured flows for the developer.
App and Configuration Management enhancements We have made various enhancements to Apps and CloudShell’s virtualization capabilities, such as allowing tracking the application setup process , passing dynamic attributes to the configuration management.
CloudShell 8.1 now supports vCenter 6.5 and Azure Managed disks and premium storage features Troubleshooting Enhancement To enhance the visibility of what’s going on during the lifespan of a Sandbox for all the users , CloudShell now allows a regular user to focus on a specific activity of any component in their sandbox and view detailed error information directly from the activity pane.
Manage Resources from CloudShell Inventory Administrator can now edit any resources from the inventory of the CloudShell web portal including Address, Attributes, Location, as well as the capability to exclude/include resources.
“Read Only” View for Sandbox  while setup is in progress To allow uninterrupted automation process and prevent any error during the setup stage, the sandbox will be in a “read only” mode.
Improved Abstract resources creation Blueprint editors using abstract resource can now select attribute values from a drop down list with existing values, this shortens and eases the creation process and reduces problems during abstract creation  Additional feature requests and ideas from our community A new view allows administrators to track the commands queued for execution.
The Sandbox list view now displays live status icons for sandbox components and allows remote connections to devices and virtual machines using QualiX.
Additional REST API functions have been added to allow better control over Sandbox consumption.
In addition, .

Version 8.1 rolls out support for Ranorex 7.0 and HP ALM 12.x integration

More supported shells Providing more out-of-the-box Shells speeds up time to value with CloudShell.
The 8.1 list includes Ixia Traffic Generators, OpenDayLight Lithium , Polatis L1, Breaking Point, Junos Firewall, and many more shells that were migrated to 2nd generation.

Feel free to visit our community page and Knowledge base for additional information

or schedule a demo.
See you all in CloudShell 8.2    The post CloudShell 8.1 GA Release appeared first on Quali.


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