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My wife & I were driving back from Las Vegas

I don’t know on which of our many trips to Las Vegas the following incident occured

but it was definitely pre-dashcam.
My wife & I were driving back from Las Vegas, on US-93, just south of Wikieup, AZ.
At the time, that section was one lane each way.
A 55-mph no passing zone.
And a construction zone (though it was inactive on Sunday.) There were eight cars in front of me, crawling.
I floored it.
Passed them all.
Doing 100.
As I pulled back in, I remarked to my wife.

“Good thing there’s no cops.” At the same moment

I looked in my mirror and saw flashing blue & reds.

😳 I skipped the first four stages of Kübler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief — Denial

Anger, Depression & Bargaining — going straight to Acceptance: “I’m going to jail, and I’m okay with that.” The cop passed me doing 110.
It was one of the situations where you look around: What the fuck just happened.
Then laugh, because you dodged a bullet.
I, of course, slowed way down. 30 miles later, we caught up to the cop.
What was his big emergency.
Rousting a bum trespassing in another construction zone.
🤣 I still can’t believe it.

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder (PTSD) lowlights:  Left green signals are ha-a-a-rd
🤪 McDonald’s shrunken post-Wuhan Flu menu
🍔 Looks like we got us a convoy

🚛 Neo the Matrix Pigeon.
🕊 King Asshole.

👑   Phoenix Asshole Drivers #72


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