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The Skate Dribble is a lateral dribble movement

The Skate Dribble is a lateral dribble movement, used to set up a change of pace dribble attack by creating an advantage through shifting the defender.  The technique involves a movement in the direction of a dribble outside your body.
Players are encouraged to spend time gliding with the ball, providing them with more time to make their decision and read the defender’s positioning.  https://basketballimmersion.s3.amazonaws.com/alexsarama/Skates+Guided.mp4   The guided defense cues used in this video are:  A = Small Shift (give up straight line drive) B = Big Shift (take away straight line, resulting in dribble counter) C = Gap (shot decision)  To avoid uncontested finishes, the coach gives a second decision at the rim using the perceptual lay-ups concept.
Players are encouraged to play more aggressive defense once the reads are introduced.
With full-contact, this means trying to steal the ball while giving A or B, and then attempting to recover to neutral by sprinting and walling up.  A dynamic start dribbling in from transition is used once players have become comfortable with the cues and decisions.
The static starts gives players more time to get familiar with the concept.  Watch out for future video posts as we show what happens if the defender is chest to chest (neutral) and other applications of the skate dribble… Skating with BDT Skating One-on-One Skating into Shots (Approach Dribble)    Favorite5 The post Guided Skates with Perceptual Lay-Ups appeared first on Basketball Immersion.

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