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How does Fliplearn for Schools achieve this

Nobody knows the needs of a student better than the schools that are in charge of their education & development.
Which is why it is imperative that schools are able to guide their students beyond the limitation of their premises.
Especially since schools across the globe are closed down for safety reasons due to COVID – 19, it’s important that the respective schools leadership takes steps to standardize education for all their students even at home, so that learning gaps can be greatly reduced and the students’ overall performance as well as confidence can be improved.
Fliplearn for Schools has been programmed to help schools adapt to 21st century learning solutions and increase their effectiveness, desirability as well as control.
How does Fliplearn for Schools achieve this.
The answer lies in the ability to offer your teachers the ability to track, monitor, advise & evaluate their class’ performance post schools hours, and now, even when they study & learn from home.
Fliplearn for Schools offer the following features that teachers can utilize to continue guiding their students even as they can’t be physically present in classrooms:    1.
Assign Content Along With Subjective & Objective Homework    Your faculty will have the ability to access all of Fliplearn’s board mapped content (curated across all boards for all subjects and classes).
They can then use this content to assign reference material as well as homework to their students from their own home.
Create Custom Questions Banks    Our content features over 250,000 questions from sample papers, board exams & our own curated study material.
Teachers can use these questions to create their very own unique custom question banks for specific subjects, topics & even concepts.
Thus helping students build their expertise on every topic on the syllabus from the comfort of their own home.
Evaluate Student & Over All Class Performances From Home    No longer do your teachers need to incorporate evaluations in their already busy schedule at school.
They can simply review every student as well as the overall class’ performance from home.
This allows teachers to assign school hours solely to teaching and building student knowledge.
Moreover, teachers can also benefit with automation, with features like automated responses and self-checker, for seamless communication and faster turnaround time respectively.

4.Create Custom Content & Resources For Students    As mentioned before

a school and its teachers know their students best.
Which is why Fliplearn for Schools offers teachers the opportunity to create their own custom notes from our award winning content.
These notes can be adapted by the teachers as per the learning style & method preferred by their students.
In addition, teachers can even assign external reference material such as videos, .

Audio files; PDFs from any online source for demonstrational purposes

If required, they can even link Youtube videos & incorporate learning aids from subject experts like Khan Academy.
Technology is improving the way we work, the way we interact and now, it’s improving the way students learn with a holistic and efficient learning experience.
So climb aboard the 21st century learning wagon and give your students a fun, effective & comprehensive learning experience they will never forget.
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