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Insurance: America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT)

Days of Operate: 7-days per week

Year-round Duration: 9:00 am -12:30 pm Price: $65.00 per adult (age 13+), $32.50 per child (age 0-12) Includes: Hotel pick-up from select downtown Portland hotels, Tour Guide, all entrance fees, activities listed.
Loading…  After pick-up at your downtown Portland hotel we will visit Willamette Falls which is the largest waterfall (by volume) in Oregon.

Visit the End of the Oregon Trail Museum

and ride the only outdoor municipal elevator in the United States.

Willamette Falls is one of the most significant natural features in the state
A Native salmon and lamprey fishery for at least eight thousand years

Willamette Falls plummets abruptly straight down the height of a four-story building from the Willamette Valley into the Oregon City–West Linn basin.
Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, the falls powered the earliest mills in the region and contributed to the growth of the first United States government in the Oregon Territory.
The Clackamas Chinook peoples, including the Clowewalla, occupied villages and houses on the east and west banks of the Willamette River, as well as above the falls at Canemah, .

On the east bank of the river just south of present-day downtown Oregon City

The village on the other side of the river from the Clackamas River estuary was named Walamt, the origin of the name Willamette.

The falls were fished by the Clackamas people

who controlled access to the valuable salmon, steelhead, and lamprey at the falls.
Other tribes—Wasco, Multnomah, Yakama, Tualatin, and Molala—visited the Clackamas village at the falls to trade for nutritious air-dried salmon and to request fishing rights.
As the last stop along the Oregon Trail, pioneers may have settled the area around the Falls starting in the mid-19th century – but before there were paper mills, canals or locks, long before the wagon trains arrived, Native Americans centered life around the Falls to harness the bounty of the churning waters.
Dating back thousands of years.

Local Native tribes (the Warm Springs and the Yakama)

have followed the natural migration of both chinook salmon and lamprey eels, fishing for salmon and harvesting the lamprey.
And they have maintained treaty rights to the yearly lamprey harvest (crazy looking eel-like fish with rows and rows of sharp little teeth that make for some serious sucking ability).
We will stop at Willamette Falls and you will be able to explore the area while learning about the amazing history of this waterfall over time.
We will also ride the Oregon City Municipal Elevator which continues to operate as the only outdoor municipal elevator in the US and one of only four municipal elevators in the world and “Elevator Street” remains the only “vertical street” in North America.
This 130-foot elevator connects two neighborhoods in Oregon City.
The upper portion contains an observation deck which accounts for its flying saucer appearance.
There have been two elevators at this location with the current elevator was built in 1954-55.
When people think of the Oregon Trail, many initially recall the old computer game where players used math to restock supplies and hunted elk by typing “BANG.” But for 400,000 settlers in the mid-1800s, the reality was a 2,000-mile adventure that stretched from Missouri to Oregon City, half an hour southeast of Portland.
At the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and Historic Site visitors can learn about their journeys and discover what it was like to be a pioneer.
Made up of several buildings beneath giant wagon frames, the Interpretive Center contains hands-on exhibits where costumed interpreters describe the challenges of packing for the cross-country trek.
Visitors are free to get hands-on with history here by dressing up, packing a wagon and trying their hands at pioneer crafts and activities like candle making.
The “Bound for Oregon” video presentation and other exhibits also immerse visitors in historic tales and explain how Oregon City was the end of the trail for many because it was where land claims were granted for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming.
The historic site is also home to the Country Store, where authentic keepsakes and locally made goods — like beaded items from Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde natives — are available for sale.
The native spirit is also celebrated at the Master Gardener’s Pioneer Garden, where plants and heirloom roses similar to those found in 1860s Oregon are on display.
After visiting all of these amazing locations we will drop you back at your downtown Portland hotel.
Customized and Private Tours: All tours can easily becustomized and/or made private.
Please contact us for details and pricing.
Tour Price Includes: Guest pick up and drop off, transportation and tour guide, and all applicable fees, unless otherwise stated.
Not Included in Price: Gratuity and lunch.
You will have an opportunity to purchase lunch and/or snacks along the way.
Requirements: Tours require a 4-person minimum for confirmation.
Please contact us for current tour times and availability.
Payment: Reservations can be made on-line or by phone with a credit or debit card.
Payment will be processed immediately to secure your reservation.
Payment on the day of pick up will not guarantee your reservation.
Cash payments will be accepted at the time of tour.
Reservations: All reservations are final at time of booking.
We recommend two weeks in advance for reservations especially during our high volume seasons.
If you are scheduling a tour without prior reservations, please call to confirm departure and availability.
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.  If you cancel between 3 and 6 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.  If you cancel within 2 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.
Terms and Conditions  Other Entities: America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT) will not be held responsible for cancelations, changes to services/fees/price, conduct, of quality of goods and services for entities that operate under any name other than AHWT including, but not limited to: vendors, tour operators, vineyards and wineries, event staff, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants and entertainers.
Weather: Unless otherwise noted and specified all services are planned to operate regardless of weather.
In the event of an “Act of God” and weather presents a safety issue AHWT will offer other tours to consider.
There will be no reimbursements, full or partial, for inclement weather experienced during any service provided.
It is the responsibility of the guests to be prepared for predicted weather and dress accordingly.
Conduct: AHWT assumes no responsibility for conduct of individuals other than its guides/employees/officers.
Indemnify: Except as otherwise prohibited by law each party shall indemnify and hold the other party harmless from all claims, actions, suits, losses, and expenses of any nature for its employees or subcontractors, breach of their agreement, negligence or intentional misconduct.
Insurance: America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT), will ensure all tour operators and bus companies provide insurance coverage for all vehicles utilized while providing services.
No smoking or consumption of alcohol or intoxicating drugs is allowed in vehicles.

America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT) is not responsible for articles left in vehicles

A $200 minimum damage/cleaning fee resulting from customer misuse will be automatically charged.
All passengers are responsible and liable for their own actions while in vehicles; neither the driver nor the company is responsible or liable for any injury or damage caused by, or as a result of any customer actions.

America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT) is not in control of traffic

and therefore takes no responsibility for time delays due to traffic.
The State of Oregon requires all parents with children requiring car seats to use them.
Minor-age passengers must be restrained in approved child safety seats until they weigh forty pounds or reach the maximum weight limit for the car seat in use.
Infants must ride rear-facing until they reach both one year of age AND weigh at least twenty pounds.

America’s Hub World Tours (AHWT) does not supply car seats; if you did not bring one

your hotel may be able to recommend rental locations, and some locations will deliver to hotels.
For more information regarding the many other tours we offer please visit us at: http://americashubworldtours.com/2019          The post Oregon Trail Experience appeared first on America's Hub World Tours.

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