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(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center) But through Friday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The biggest issue today is patchy fog from Butler County through Mercer County.
This fog will be around through about 9:00 am before giving way to mostly sunny skies.
(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center) I cannot completely rule out spot showers for this afternoon, but you should expect to be dry today.
There is a better chance for rain on Tuesday afternoon with scattered storms expected.
(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center) But through Friday, our chance for significant rain isn’t looking very promising.
While it is an odd statistic, the current period of August 5th through the 16th is the driest stretch of this time period ever.
During this time, we have only recorded .01” of rain.
(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center) It does appear that we will have a better chance for rain over the weekend but that is still a couple of days away so no guarantee there.
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