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Budva Budva is one of the best spots in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most colorful countries in the world

And it should be on your bucket list.
It’s a tiny country in Europe that gained its independence in 2006.
This small country has lots of attractions for you ranging from mountains to beaches. Montenegro is quickly becoming one of the top European hotspots thanks to its breathtaking beauty, friendly locals, blue waters, and friendly prices.

Since there are so many things to see in Montenegro

it’s important to allocate enough days so that you can have fun with no worries.
Let’s get started.
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It’s popularly known as the city of cats due to the number of furry friends roaming around.
As you walk around this vibrant town, you’ll see laundry hanging from upper floors and locals having a good time in the cafés.
Most tourists visit Kotor to hike the City Walls and get a breathtaking view over Kotor Bay.

Perast Perast is only fifteen minutes away from the bay of Kotor

This town is a bit peaceful compared to Kotor.
Therefore, it’s one of the best places to relax.
You are going to find lots of restaurants looking out over the water.
The view is just breathtaking.
Tip: Take a boat to some of the churches in town or Our Lady of the Rocks.
Budva Budva is one of the best spots in Montenegro, especially during the summer.
The streets are usually filled with bikinis and cars.
If you manage to find a parking space, you’ll be lucky.
Budva is home to some of the most fabulous beaches.
To find a beach that best suits you, drive north along the coast.
There are also amazing accommodation options here.
Sveti Stefan Sveti Stefan is an old village in a tiny island that is separated by a narrow walkway from the mainland.
This area can only be accessed by the rich and famous.
Therefore, if you’re not of this class you’ll only be allowed to gaze at the private kingdom.

It’s one of the most photographed places in Montenegro

Tip: On the left side, you’ll see a privately owned beach.
Things are different here because you hire a sun lounger for an entire day for only 85 Euros.
The beach on the right side is open for anyone and everyone.
The sun loungers are way cheaper on this side compared to the other one.
If you are on a budget, consider doing Sveti Stefan as a day trip.
You are going to love it here.
Stari Bar Stari Bar is another old town that is located high in the hills.
Once you get here, you are going to have breathtaking views of the countryside and the Adriatic Sea.
Over the years, this area has been a center of war, earthquakes, and explosions.
Some areas in the town are ruins.
However, recent restoration works have slowly brought back life and energy into this amazing town.
This town is home to the oldest olive tree in the world.
Therefore, you should make a point to visit this town and see the 2243-year-old tree.
Ulcinj If you love water sporting or just lying on the beach on a sunny day, Ulcinj will be a heaven for you.
Ulcinj is home to one of the longest beaches with perfect winds for paragliding and other water sport activities. This beach is always busy, especially in the paragliding area.
If you want to swim, you can walk towards the right or left to find amazing bays.  Tip: Ulcinj is a historic town too.
If you are into history, you should not go home without visiting this town.
Ulcinj is close to Albania.
Lake Skadar Lake Skadar is one of the largest lakes in Southern Europe.
And it shares the border with Albania.
The lake is full of birds, wildlife, beaches, and monasteries.
The main departure point for boat trips in this region is the town of Virpazar.
It is a small vibrant village with lots of amazing restaurants and accommodation options.
Climbing up to the Besac Fortress will give you the chance to hire and ride bicycles, do boat trips and see some of the best spots of the lake.
You’ll also find a beach nearby.

Tip: On the opposite side of Virpazar from the lake is the Horseshoe Bend
You can access this from the road between Cetinje and Podgorica
You are going to get some of the best views of Montenegro from this location

Ostrog Monastery As assignment help UK reports, Ostrog Monastery has been intricately carved into a rock face high up the mountain.

It’s another remarkable place that will allow you to see the marvels of Montenegro

When you reach there, you’ll probably find a sermon in progress.
The panoramic view is just beautiful and perfect.
The road to the Ostrog Monastery is narrow with lots of tight bends.
However, this should not stop you from visiting the Monastery.
It is one of its kind.
Podgorica Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, is usually the starting and ending point for most tourists due to the main airport.
While there is nothing remarkable to see or visit in this city, it’s one of the best areas to stop for rest especially if you’ve been hiking, riding, or driving all day.
Tip: If you don’t need to rest, you can skip Podgorica and continue with your journey.
Tips to enjoy your visit to Montenegro  Visit during the offseason July and August are usually Montenegro’s peak season.
It is the most expensive time to visit.
Apart from being busy, accommodation and transportation costs are usually high.
To avoid this, you should visit this place in either May, June, September, or October.
The weather is usually great during these months and the population is low.
You are going to benefit from fewer crowds and low prices.

Go inland The coast is one of the most popular places to stay in Montenegro

When planning your trip, consider adding a few nights in the inland areas to enhance your tour and minimize costs.

Montenegro is home to beautiful mountains and lakes

Since the inland areas are not as busy as the coast, you can expect to spend much less.

Conclusion Montenegro is one of the best places in the world to relax and have leisure

There are lots of things that you can do in this region apart from visiting the beaches.
There are museums for historians, national parks for adventurers, and hiking spots for hikers.
The best thing about Montenegro is that transport and accommodation costs are low especially during the off-peak season.
Therefore, .

Make a point of visiting Montenegro in the future

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