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For a long time creatives teams have been left behind when it comes to technology resources.
Oh to be sure there have been amazing technological advances when it comes to creative work – just look at the amazing work Adobe has been doing for years.

But when it comes to managing creative work creative teams have largely been forgotten

They’ve had to use what was available to them, often trying to fit a round peg into a square hole with generic project management solutions.
But that just won’t cut it.
72% of in-house creative teams handle over 75% of their organization’s creative needs.
That work drives bottom-line business results.
Any gaps in a creative team’s workflow management will only become a more challenging obstacle that slows the team down over time.
Here are 6 signs that your creative workflow management needs boost: You receive incomplete or unclear requests for new projects Is your team still having to chase down reference files, technical specs, or other information they need to get started on projects.
Are your requesters prepared to have a sit-down, collaborative discussion about the projects, its objectives, and hear your team’s feedback on the best approach.
It’s difficult to keep track of multiple projects at once Ever had a project or proof slip through the cracks, only to get that dreaded “just checking on progress” email.
Are you still managing projects via email or in a spreadsheet, causing version control issues.
Your team spends more time managing projects that completing projects 47% of creatives spend a full day per week – or more – on admin tasks.
How does your team stack up to that benchmark.
You can’t report on KPIs about creative work Can you answer the previous question with actual data in easy-to-pull reports.
There is no accountability in the approval process Has an executive ever said “I didn’t sign off on that” when you know they did.
Has a stakeholder complained because they didn’t get enough notice before they were skipped on a review.
You have to (literally) chase down reviewers for feedback on proofs Have you ever had to stand over a reviewer to get them to look at a proof.
Have you had to resend a proof via email because the first one got lost in the reviewer’s inbox.
It can be tempting to gloss over these very real challenges and think “I’ll just work with what I have.” But creative work is too important to not have a purpose-built solution supporting creative workflow.

Download the eBook Creative Workflow Management 101: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re ready to get started improving your creative workflow management request a 90-day free trial of inMotion ignite today.

Elise Hauser is a product and content marketer with a passion for telling brand stories
She has produced inMotionNow’s annual In-House Creative Management Report for 3 years

webinars, content sessions for major industry events reaching audiences of 1,000+, and of course, countless blog posts.
When Elise isn’t writing about the marketing and creative industry at inMotionNow she is teaching economics and hanging out with her cat, Tucker, at her home in Raleigh, NC.
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