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and new spec sheet reports for Recipes and Ingredients

Genesis R&D Version 11.8 is now available.
This new version incorporates a number of important updates including sulfite tracking and disclosure options for U.S.
product labeling, and new spec sheet reports for Recipes and Ingredients.
For more information, watch the Genesis R&D 11.8 Update Overview webinar, which covers these new features more extensively.
Sulfite Tracking Feature The FDA requires that products containing 10 ppm (parts per million) or more of sulfiting agents must declare the presence of sulfites in the ingredients statement on the product label.
We have introduced a new sulfite tracking and disclosure feature to assist users in complying with this regulation.
When entering sulfites, you will enter them in as ppm, and the program will automatically convert the ppm (mg/kg) to mg per ingredient weight.
Then as these ingredients are used in recipes, the program calculates the ppm for the entire recipe.
If the recipe total ppm is equal to or greater than 10 ppm, a sulfite statement will automatically appear at the end of the ingredient statement.
Learn more here.
Recipe Spec Sheet Report This report is generated for use as a supplier spec sheet and will show nutrient data per 100g or per user-selected gram weight.
This is useful for suppliers who want to share nutrition data and ingredient/allergen statements with manufacturers without having to disclose ingredient specifics.
Some fields are editable and you can add a signature image.

Access this from your Reports ribbon

To see this report in action, check out our Recipe and Ingredient Nutrition Analysis Reports Overview Tutorial (Start watching at 2:46).
Ingredient Spec Sheet Report This report is generated for use as a supplier spec sheet and is the first Ingredient report in Genesis R&D.
The nutrient data is automatically populated from the data you enter for your Ingredient and can be reported per 100g or per another user-determined gram weight.

Access this from the new Ingredient Reports ribbon
Watch this tutorial to learn more about Ingredients in Genesis R&D

Sugar Alcohol Nutrients Added Lactitol and maltitol have been added as available nutrient fields.

This blog covers how to display sugar alcohols on your Nutrition Facts label

Labeling for Cannabis Edibles Sold in Oregon This update also includes a new add-on labeling module specifically for recreational and medical marijuana edibles sold in Oregon.
Contact the sales department for more information.
Database Updates Many foods in our database have been added and updated with the most recent data.
Outdated ingredients have been removed.
The post Genesis R&D Foods 11.8 Update Overview appeared first on ESHA Research.


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