Make a Toddler Color Chart with Colorful Fall Leaves

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Take your learning outside with a toddler color chart activity for interactive Fall fun from Julie!
Don’t you just love Autumn? It’s the perfect time of year to take learning outside!
We gathered up a few simple materials and this toddler color chart is a blast with Fall leaves.
Make a Toddler Color Chart with Colorful Fall Leaves
This is a perfect toddler activity for the Fall. Kids learn best through play and their brains come alive in nature!
You’ll build color and letter recognition skills, get the kids moving with a gross motor activity, and enjoy the Autumn breezes in your own backyard.
This activity should take about 10-20 minutes, and it’s sure to encourage more leaf-inspired activities, too!
Make sweet fall leaf people craft for more Autumn fun!
For our Fall toddler color chart, we needed (affiliate links included):

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Baking pan or sheet
Painter’s tape or masking tape
Dry erase marker with an eraser on the end
3 squares of plain white paper
3 magnet clips
Assorted crayons

Thursday January 01, 1970

Of course, you can adjust these items to fit what you already have in your home.
I found that the magnets were especially useful for keeping that paper on the baking sheet on a breezy Fall day, but you could also just tape them down.
You’ll need to do a quick one-minute prep before you grab the kids for this toddler color chart.
First, on your baking sheet, tape out a grid pattern with three columns and at least three rows. The first column is where your toddlers will place the leaves.
Then, clip squares of white paper in the middle column. This is where they’ll mark the matching color with crayons.
Next, in the third column, leave space to write the color word with your dry erase marker.
Grab those little ones and let’s go!
Go on a leaf hunt in your backyard or neighborhood
Train those little eyes to think like a scientist as they closely observe the colors of the leaves.
Jump into more Fall leaf activities with your kids!
Let your children choose a few of their favorite leaves of different colors. Gather them up, and get ready to use the chart!
Have your children sort the leaves by color, placing one of each color leaf in the boxes down the first column.

Next, let’s work in a bit of letter recognition with our backyard leaf chart!
Ask your children to name the colors in the rows, then write the color word in the third column. Spell out the word together as you go.
Show your children an assortment of crayons. Have your children choose a crayon that matches the leaf color and mark on the paper in the correct row.

For younger toddlers, try offering just a few colors. If your child needs more challenge, offer extra crayon options.
To finish out this activity, let your children take turns erasing letters in the third row as they find them.
“Green starts with the letter ‘G.’ Can you find and erase that letter?”
Continue on until all the letters are erased!

That’s it! My two year old had so much fun with this toddler color chart.
I love that the learning didn’t stop once we were finished with our chart. All throughout the day, he brought me leaves and told me its color.
Hands-on learning for the win!
If you love this leaf color chart, I know you’ll enjoy taking a leaf counting nature walk!
What are your favorite Fall activities to get your toddler outdoors? Share your top ideas in the comments!